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Hey guys, Mickey-mun here, giving you a post for leaving some constructive criticism for this fella here!
So how's my interpretation of him? Too kind, too over the top? Too much of anything? I'd like to know. No pressure, though; and I accept any sort of criticism given. Though, please keep it considerate because we are all human and we all do have feelings.

Anon's enabled, IP tracking is off.

Please. Let me know if there's any way I can improve with the Mouse, okay?

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Ninjas, get out-

I mean, hi there! Feel like interacting with Mickey at any time, here's where to do it. Just a nice little post for convenience, be it written, voice, or action. It's all up to you! :3
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Gosh, probably shoulda done this a while ago...

[Comes a higher, rather squeaky voice from the journal. ...ha ha. He was still kinda amused by that. Journal... where he just came from? Aw, no one here would get it, anyway. The point is, after his and Aqua's... less than graceful arrival, he'd taken the time to at least get settled in for a while. Still should've introduced himself. Whoops.]

The name's Mickey! Guess I'm not really that new here now, but it's nice ta meet ya all!

[For anyone in the BbS house, he's just chilling. Go ahead and bug him.]


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